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Last Updated: Nov 17, 2013 11:00AM PST
You can find FAQ answers to common questions here and you can also search our support center for more detailed information. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, email us and we'll get back to you!


I've been invited to collaborate on a campaign, what permissions do I have?

How do I create a campaign?

How do I launch a campaign?

What are referring campaigns?

How am I billed for a campaign?

Why might I receive an automatic impression overage charge?

Can you remove the "powered by iSnazz" from my campaigns?

Are there extra charges for features like on the fly updates and referring campaigns?



User Permissions


Administrators have the power to control every aspect of a campaign including deleting it, launching it, modifying billing information and inviting contributors. A contributor can modify an existing campaign design, or even create a design if it is not started or complete. They do not have access to any billing information, statistics and other information you might consider potentially sensitive. For a detailed grid of permissions for administrators and creators, click here.


Creating a Campaign


To create a campaign, register or log in and click ‘my studio’ on the landing page. Click the ‘create campaign’ button on the top right, set your desired campaign pixel size (you can change this any time) and click ok. You have now landed in your studio canvas. Simply drag a control onto your canvas and click the red ‘edit properties’ button then set the properties for each control you drag onto your canvas. You must save your campaign before leaving the studio. You can also move your toolbox around the screen where it’s convenient for you.


Launching a campaign


Once you’ve created your campaign, you can select it from the list, click the edit icon (red pencil) and you have several options to choose from on the left menu; you’ll choose settings (if you are already in your canvas, click save campaign, then the details tab). There you will click the launch button. (If you have made changes to replace an existing campaign you will see a relaunch button). This will guide you through the launch wizard where you select the billing plan, schedule the start date and the rules under which you want your campaign to end. Follow the wizard through the steps. When finished, the system will provide you unique embed code that you can paste into any web page. You can find this under the compliance tab and in your campaign studio. That’s it! We’ll take care of the rest.



What are referring campaigns?


Setting a group of referring campaigns gives you a powerful hands off solution if you want to schedule any number of campaigns to automatically start and end, in the same online location for any duration you specify. This also allows you to only embed code once, and the platform manages the rest. A few important things to remember: • The start and end instructions for each individual campaign will always rule the order in which they appear. • The embed code you must use is in your dashboard under referring campaigns for a specific group. That tells the system to handle them in a series for the series you’ve created. For more FAQ about how referring campaigns work, click here. For detailed instructions on how to set up a series of referring campaigns, click here


How we bill for campaigns


We think billing should be simple. Each campaign has a billing cycle of 30 days. Whether your campaign runs for 14 days or 30, you will be charged at the end of the billing cycle for the plan you are on. It’s our one flat fee approach to keeping things easy. We also include minimum impressions for a campaign. If your campaign goes over those impressions in a 30 day billing cycle, you are charged only for additional impressions. We do not mark this fee up, it is simply our way of keeping your campaign costs low, while hosting your campaign data.


Automatic impressions overages


To keep each customer’s campaign costs low and billing simple, we include impressions in the campaign price for the 30 day billing period. If your campaign were to exceed the impressions included, you would receive a small overage charge (in most cases and depending on your plan, impressions included start at 10,000 with an average overage amount of $9.99 for an additional 10,000 impressions). Since each campaign performs differently, we only charge automatic overages by individual campaign to cover additional hosting and bandwidth costs passed on to us. This keeps everything fair and you can be confident you are only paying for the performance of your campaign, not someone else’s hidden into your cost. We do not mark up any hosting or bandwidth costs.


Can I remove "powered by iSnazz" in the footer and how?


The "powered by iSnazz" that shows in the footer of your campaign with a link to our website helps us spread the word for what we believe to be one of the most powerful campaign creation and management solutions on the market, and helps us provide a highly competitive price for everyone. If you would like to white label your campaigns, we'd be delighted to talk with you and happily discuss a plan that makes sense.


Extra charges? We say ha! No, way.


Well, that's the nut of it -- whether small business or large we think the best stuff should be available to everyone. We don't put limits on the powerful features you need to create a successful and engaging campaign. So; one flat price, all the good stuff for everyone.


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